Hydraulic Filter Element D932G10


Package: Carton

Partner: Baotou Steel Group

Customer Usage Scenarios: Cold rolling, hot rolling workshop

1. Vico filter elements can be replaced with more than 60,000 models of more than 400 brands in the world, one-stop purchasing;

2. The price is 30% of imported products, greatly reducing production costs;

3. Conventional products are available in stock, futures are available within 2-3 weeks, and timely delivery;

4. The production process strictly implements the ISO9001:2015 international quality system certification standard, and the performance is stable;

5. In line with national conditions, imported products are localized.

6. Start broadcasting to empower offline customers, online short video/live broadcasting to attract traffic, phone calls or face-to-face interviews.


1. The equipment is imported from all over the world, and there are many brands of filter elements used, and there are hundreds of them, so it is very difficult to purchase;

2. Imported filter elements are very expensive and costly;

3. Imported filter elements have a long delivery period, usually 3-4 months, which affects production;

4. The quality of other domestic filter elements is unstable, which affects the normal operation of the equipment.

5. Affected by the international situation, it is restricted everywhere.

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1. Raw materials: Imported HV or glass fiber filter material from CSG Institute, a central enterprise in China, to ensure the filtering effect; the material of the end cover is galvanized carbon steel, stainless steel, or nylon to ensure the strength and use characteristics; the support is galvanized carbon steel or stainless steel; The sealing ring adopts Taiwan Hansen to ensure the sealing effect.

2. Production process: Each filter element has 6 technical design drawings to ensure each size; Process flow: cutting--folding--cutting--shaping--trimming--layering--supporting-- End cap marking-viscosity-drying-plastic sealing-packaging and other more than 20 processes are carefully crafted, and each link is strictly controlled to achieve inspection data records.

3. Packaging features: packaging with VECO LOGO; can also be OEM for customers. If authorization can be provided, the customer's LOGO can be printed on the end cover of the filter element and the outer packaging.

4. The inner and outer protective layers are made of polyester mesh, which has anti-corrosion properties;

5. AB glue adopts imported 2:1 ratio, and its strength is stronger than that of electric welding;

6. Carefully design 6 drawings for each filter element; produce in strict accordance with the drawings;

7. Quality exchange with more than 400 brands and 60,000 models in the world

8. According to different customers, provide customized packaging.

Case presentation:

1.Weike filter elements have 20 years of design and manufacturing experience, and the filter elements are interchangeable with more than 400 brands and 60,000 models in the world, winning global heavy industry customers.

Domestic market:

Steel industry: Baotou Steel Group, Baowu Steel Group, Pangang Group, Anshan Iron and Steel Group, etc.;

Mining industry: Shenhua Group, CITIC Heavy Industry, Jiangxi Copper, Yunkuang Group, etc.;

Automobile industry: Geely Automobile, SAIC Motor, FAW Group, BYD Auto, etc.

Power industry: Huaneng Power, Shanghai Electric, Datang Power, China Resources Power, etc.;

Construction machinery: Sany Heavy Industry, Xugong Group, CCCC Tianhe, CSR Group, etc.

Overseas market: We have self-management import and export rights. Due to strict control of product production process and quality, the production.

Products have been exported to the United States, Germany, Britain, Russia, Australia, South Korea, Vietnam.

South Africa, Brazil, South Africa, Argentina, Chile and more than 20 countries and regions.

2. Our products are mainly on the B side, and our customers are mainly agents and distributors in the hydraulic industry; domestic sales are combined offline and online. Due to the impact of the epidemic, our current main direction is online. We hope that through live video, we can achieve better results. performance!


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